Cyber Security Live

14th September 2023 | RDS Arena, Dublin - IRELAND

Bringing together Cyber Security, Data Protection, Technology and Business leaders across Government, Public Sector and from highly regulated industries. The Cyber Security Event Live is the central platform to build infrastructure resilience and to secure Ireland’s Cyber capabilities to fight domestic and international threats. Register to attend this FREE event to hear from industry experts the current threats facing business’s and institutions.

Organisations of all sizes, across all sectors are undergoing digital transformation to varying degrees. They are embracing digital technologies for improved business models, selling in new markets, with new products and moving into entirely new spaces.

These technologies, for all of their undoubted benefits, also carry risks and cybercriminals are anxious to exploit them. Cybercrime isn’t just reserved for large multinational organisations, every company operating across every sector is at risk. It’s no longer a question of if an organisation will be attacked, it’s when. Increasingly, the risk from Cybercrime in amplified by the regulatory focus whether from GDPR, the Central Bank of Ireland or the NIS directive.

Learn from leading experts what steps organisations can implement to defend against attacks, recover from them, minimise the damage caused and meet their regulatory obligations.