Cyber Security Live

Cyber Security Live brings together key IT & security experts in order to share the latest innovations and advances in technology. The event aims to equip delegates with the knowledge to implement a successfully cyber security strategy

19 November 2019 | Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes

Almost half of all UK firms have been hit by a breach or cyber-attack in the past year, according to the UK Governmental Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and National Cyber Security Centre. Indeed, this threat to UK business is expected to heighten as methods of digital attack develop and become more sophisticated.

Cyber security should be high on the agenda of any business in order to protect computers, systems, networks and programs from digital attack. Effective cyber security involves organising the people, processes and technology within a business or organisation in a complementary way to form an effective defence. Technology obviously plays a key role in providing the computer security tools required to protect endpoint devices such as computers, smart devices and routers; networks; and the cloud.

The Cyber Security Live, which is part of the Tech Connect Live event at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes on 19th November, 2019, will cover the latest developments on how to combat cyber-attacks.

Children's Ministry

Christine Bardwel

Global Strategy Lead – Oracle

Youth Ministry

Anisha Malde

Developer – IBM

Men's Ministry

Ben Park

Director of AI and Robotics – Sopra Steris

Women's Ministry

Florent Pons

Network Architect – Capgemini

Andy Wood

President – Cubic Motion





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